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Here we present you Original Movie Props and Replicas from
The Terminator
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day
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Update 27 May 2001 - Added Grenade Backpack (WEAPONS), Arnie's back #2 (T800/body) and T800 bullet hits (T800/misc)
Update 24 May 2001 - Re-organized the T800 section with sub-categories - the others will follow
Update 19 May 2001 - Added Endo knee prosthetic (T800), Arnie's Endo arm prosthetic (T800) and Fan made Endoskeleton #2 (Endoskeleton)
Update 15 April 2001 - Added 2 Endo battle rifles (WEAPONS), T1000 hook arms and 'personal' props (T1000)
Update 10 February 2001 - Added Stunt Mask #2 (T800), T1000 Motorcyle (MISC) and updated the pictures of Arnie Bust #1 (T800)
Update 7 February 2001 - Added Lifesize distressed Endoskeleton (ENDOSKELETON)
Update 11 November 2000 - Added T70 Terminator (MISC PROPS) and T2-3D grenade (WEAPONS)
Update 2 November 2000 - Added Bandoliers with M-79 grenades (T800) and Arnie fullsize figure from Planet Hollywood (T800)
Update 12 October 2000 - Added Endo Battle Rifle chromeplated cast (WEAPONS)
Update 23 September 2000 - Added kid dummy (MISC), T1000 right hand #3 (T1000), Arnie bust stage 0 (T800) and Terminator CPU (T800)
Update 17 September 2000 - Added T800 brain
Update 10 September 2000 - Added fullsize Endo replica and new pictures of Arnie glove #5
Update 28 August 2000 - Opened the WEAPONS section and added Arnie grenade launcher (T2) and Spas12 (T1)
Update 27 August 2000 - Added T800 no damage bust
Update 24 August 2000 - Added T800 glove #6, two more T800 replica busts and a fullsize Arnie T800
Update 20 August 2000 - Added more T1000, T800 and Miscellaneous Props
Update 14 August 2000 - Added more T1000, T800 and Endoskeleton props
Update 13 August 2000 - Added more T1000 and T800 props and opened the
Update 07 August 2000 - Added more T1000 and T800 props
Update 06 August 2000 - Added more T1000 and T800 props
Update 05 August 2000 - Added more T1000 props
Update 02 August 2000 - Added T1000 and Endoskeleton props

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